Miss County Of San Diego From Mississippi Needs A Reality Check


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Miss County of San Diego from Mississippi needs a reality check

Miss County of San Diego from Mississippi needs a reality check

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, his is “Miss County from San Diego” who lives in Hollywood, but she is actually from Mississippi. She is naturally a ginger with albino skin, but she covers it up with fake tans and tries dying her hair to hide it. She has a thick Mississippi accent, and she is from the south, but she is trying to run for Miss California. How does she think she is going to represent California when she is a total HICK deep down? She is the most egotistical person on the face of the planet and think she’s a God amongst people just based on her Facebook statuses. Every single status is about “Miss County of San Diego!” (she didn’t even win Miss San Diego. She won “county”) and she just recently posted about her mom getting a second job to pay for her pageants and how proud of her mom she is for doing it. Get a job yourself Anna. She posts 500 pictures of herself everyday and talks about how attractive she thinks she is. Obviously, that is FAR from true. She spams every single person in her life to make sure everyone knows how utterly obsessed she is with herself! Can you please put this girl in check before she tries to rep California, our beautiful sunshine state? She is from Mississippi and she needs to move back there already.

She looks like Miss County from Dublin.- nik

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