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Miss Piggy!

Miss Piggy!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Jessica S***r she lives in great F**lls montana…shes the one in the red shirt in the drunk bathroom pic cuz her and her friends are waaay classy! and to get right to the point she has clamidia ! and she is spreading it like wild fire… she is the normal nasty party whore that can only get attention from people when they are drunk cuz no one can stand her! she think her sh*t dont stink but im here to give her a reality check! she is always tryin to take other females boyfriends even tho she is over weight by 200 pounds, thanks to her my friend has it and she thinks her white trash a** runs the lil town. well you are delusional, ur mommy and daddy must be so proud that they raised a street walker. i was thinking if you ever wander her way you can hit her up. im sure if u have enough drinks she’ll take real good care of u..what do you think Nik.

She looks like she was touched on the knee by her uncle.- nik

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