THE DIRTY ARMY: Chloe Wolf. Where to begin with this fat wannabe whore? She’s in one of my classes at Jeffco and I cannot wait until her obnoxious ass leaves, no one wants her at jeffco. She’s known to stalk multiple guys thinking one day she’ll be able to get with them. No guy wants her, so she has to keep going back with her desperate boyfriend, I guess there perfect for each other. Every time I see her walk around campus I wanna throw up, she needs to wear more makeup or a bag over her face, even though neither of that will do her justice. She sweats more then any guy I know and gains 2 pounds every day. She drinks like it’s her job and pretends to smoke weed and ciggareets to “fit in.” Someone needs to tell this fat ugly bitch what’s up.

You could fit an apple, and an orange, in that belly.- nik