Misti Dryden And Her Lover Are Liars


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Misti Dryden and her lover...LIARS!!!!

Misti Dryden and her lover...LIARS!!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it took me awhile to understand why my friend was so messed up but after doing a little research, I’ve come to realize its because his mom is a crazy, lying cheater! This woman(who acts as if she is a saint) has had many affairs and even brings then men around her children and her now ex husband and introduces them as friends(I was a witness and met one of them)! I also found out she had an account on the SugarDaddy.com website. And if I saw it, then her kids could have easily seen it too! SO pathetic!! I don’t know how her husband stayed with her so long! The real crazy affair(or should I say client/prostitute) is the one is she having with this guy named Mark(who is also married). She has brought this dude around all of us and even her husband at the time. They told us all they met at a cancer thing b/c he has cancer and was suppose to live only 6 months but with some miracle drug has lived 5 years. Sad thing is this guy collects a lot of money from fundraisers, benefits, etc…I wonder how all those people donating would feel about knowing he is paying a prostitute or how his wife would feel if she had the proof that he pays this Misti for sex. I just hope he isnt using that money they give him for his health!! She even got this dude to pay for her kids gifts for graduation, birthdays, christmas, etc. What sickens me the most is that they lie to everyone everyday about their sick love affair and pretty much flaunt it. Im sure they laugh about it when they are alone. So hopefully now they will be exposed and everyone can find out what these people are really like!! I just feel so sad for my buddy and his siblings that they have this type of mom. I must say I was definately fooled too!! And this guy Mark…what a jerk!! He has this sweet wife who takes such good care of him and has stood by his side, but yet she is fooled too and thinks they are just friends!! Come on you two…come out with the truth already!! STOP ALL YOUR LIES MISTI!! EVERYONE IS ON TO YOU AND KNOWS WHO YOU REALLY ARE AND ABOUT YOUR LITTLE SUGARDADDY.COM PROSTITUTING DAYS!! OH AND MARK QUIT LYING!! I hope all the men that she comes in contact with will see this and save themselves from her lies!!

Those are some wrinkly cheeks.- nik

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