Mohamed Hadid – Don’t Touch My Hair

Mohamed Hadid – Don’t Touch My Hair

I think I can speak for everyone on this serious subject.

Mohamed Hadid has a amazing hair. He’s sexy and he knows it. A lot people have asked me over the years if MoMo’s hair is real or the most expensive Armani wig on earth? My response (on the record),

“It doesn’t matter, Hadid has amazing sperms. His last name has better VIP access than an AMEX black card. When you are rich and don’t have Michael Jackson hair … you haven’t made it in life.”

So there you go. Have a great Weeknd this Super Bowl.

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  1. charles116February 16, 2018 at 3:40 PM

    It’s wig an a bad one with a few remaining natural hairline hairs in center of his head combed back into it.

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