THE DIRTY ARMY: Once again, this is Marissa Braun/Marissa Merritt. Shess been posted on here before, and needless to say, she needs another reality check. If you recall, she is married, has a child who she continues to pawn off on her husband so she can go out and act like a whore, and hang out with her boyfriend. She’s constantly posting pictures on Instagram of herself and going out and getting drunk, meanwhile her son is with whatever person she pawned him off on. Every once in a while she will put a picture of her son up and try to say he is her “world&everything”, but yet she is too self centered and selfish to grow up and be a mom. Please give this bimbo another reality check that she so desperately needs!

I don’t think she has nasal issues, her smile just has a T.O.D.- nik