Montell Jordan -Now A Pastor- Gets Profound

Montell Jordan -Now A Pastor- Gets Profound

Montell Jordan has certainly changed a bit from his days of singing This Is How We Do It, as he’s become a Pastor. He was recently caught at Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, California, and had some pretty profound thoughts to share.

When asked about Russia banning Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jordan shared, “I think we take for granted what we have here in America. We have the ability to have whatever faith belief that we desire to be able to follow here.”

“It’s not to me unusual that in another country they would have the belief that they have or not have the freedom to express themselves in that way,” he continued. “So from that standpoint, I don’t want to impose my will or my thoughts on another country.”

“What it does, though, is that it makes me more appreciative of what we have here…” he added. “It sucks to not have those freedoms there, but, that’s why people desire to come here.”

While it’s interesting to see Jordan having shifted from singer to Pastor, it seems from the above he’s definitely up for the task.

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