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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This hoodrat, Megan B was just Begging me to put her on The Dirty. So I thought, why not. I’m sure you remember these Gwins in a recent Post. But this particular Gwin has brought some bad karma upon herself. And although Everyone acts like they like her to her face, because she is crazy and will cut your tires if you look at her wrong. LoL And even though she’s done time in a Mental Institution, and has two bastard kids from two diff dads. And even though she is a Dirty Pig she still insists she is a “good girl”. Lmao!! Nik, I think it’s about time to put this girl on Blast. Stay out of Chicago, you Whore. Nobody wants you here. You look like a Man. Nice sh*tty tattoos.

Did this chick steal your girlfriend or something?  It looks like she is getting Radiation treatment on her eyebrows… so I would leave her alone during these tough times.- nik

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