Mother And Daughter Cons

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Loretta and Brittney Despain of Grand Blanc Michigan. Here’s two woman a mother and daughter who run big cons on competition bodybuilders and wealthy businessmen. They seduce you with their hometown charm and smiles and suck you in. They play off one another each using their looks and personality to lure you into the web of deceit and long term financial cons. I have been one of those men who have fallen for this sad and unscrupulousness acts of deception. These two woman advertise on popular dating sites and the mother plays the good mother promoter and the daughter plays the beautiful girl that dates the men. They have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from many men over the past two years though dating, intimate relationships and gaining trust into the bank accounts of these men. I won\’t go into how they do it being embarrssed as a professional educated man. They work several men at once and when the men become suspicious they disappear overnight. All of these men seem to find and contact one another and discuss these two womens illegal activities. They operate through out the southeastern part of Michigan, including East Lansing, Grand Blanc, Michigan along with the state of Texas now. I would like all the readers to be on the lookout for these two as stay far away as possible. Nik please put these two on serious “Blast” for the sake of all the decent men out their.

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