Mother Of The Year Chunky Dealer Nikki

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Mother Of The Year Chunky Dealer Nikki

Mother Of The Year Chunky Dealer Nikki

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dirty Abbotsford mother N*c*le C*rls*n has already been busted for dealing drugs and she thinks she’s so hardcore that she can’t be busted again. Bleached blonde with dark roots and a huge a**, this cow can be seen dealing all over. Maybe she doesn’t think that her kid could be taken away WHEN she gets busted again. Dealing dope and growing that fat a** are her hobbies. On Facebook, she’s all hardcore and attitude but really she’s just a washed up, haggard looking b*tch. The man in her life is in the slammer and together the two of them are raising a kid? How about it Nik…would you?

Tranny of the year.  His real hair must fool a lot of people.- nik

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