My Boyfriend Is A Drug Dealer

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, recently I’ve been questioning my relationship with my boyfriend. You see, things are a little unconventional according to the books. First, I’m young (20) and he’s more mature (34). Second, we live together and he supports me in every single aspect (education, transportation, shopping, etc.) Third, he walks the wrong way in jobs – i.e drug dealer. Anyway, you probably get the picture. Well, I’ve been skeptical whether or not we have a future since he’s been controlling me so that I can’t even hang out with specific girl friends which I’ve known since elementary school. In addition, I find myself hating my life because all my friends are off doing fun things like meeting new people & travelling while I’m sitting at home conversing with him. I didn’t complain at first until his alter ego came out to play – meaning I started experiencing his temper problems.  We’ve been in the relationship for a couple of years now and I can’t help but wonder if I’m wasting my time, or if I’ve found the right guy to take care of me and have a future with. I do love him and he loves me, but do you really think thats enough for a relationship? Should I sacrifice my youth for Chanel bags & Mercedes cars?

There is no upside. All drug dealers end up caught eventually… the money life you have will disappear. Also, from what it sounds like (prison sentence) he will never let you leave him. You need to get out of this before your whole life gets ruined.- nik

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