My Boyfriend Is An Alcoholic

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, I need your advice! I have been dating my boyfriend for about 7 years now and we live together. We originally met when we worked together at a bar. Back then, we were both huge party animals and went out drinking a lot. Since then, we have both settled down, started real careers and I have pretty much stopped drinking completely. My problem is that he still goes out drinking often, and gets ridiculously wasted with his buddies. He comes home and acts like an idiot. He almost always tries to start a fight and sometimes is so drunk he pukes all over our apartment (and I’m the one who has to clean up). Drinking changes his personality so much and I’m so sick of having to deal with it. It was never an issue when I was drinking heavily too, but now that I’ve cleaned my life up it is getting beyond the point of annoying. When he’s not drinking he is amazing and our relationship is amazing. I don’t know how much more I can take, but I don’t want to tell him to stop drinking completely. He is almost 35, I kind of thought he would be over partying like this by now. What should I do?

You should make him read this.- nik

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