My Girlfriend Cheated On Me With This Douchebag

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ok so for starters my GIRLFRIEND has been hooking up with this guy for like 7 months and come to find out he has a girlfriend as well…. I’m in the military and while I was overseas, she was sleeping with this douche bag. When I went to pay the phone bill, I saw his number on there a lot so I text him asking who it was. Well he tried playing stupid but I have pictures of them together. I told his girlfriend when I found out and I’m pretty sure she was pissed and then broke up with him. Not to mention he slept with a stripper from the PONY….. He is trying to look like a guy off of jersey shore or some sh*t!! I also have the naked pictures he was sending my girlfriend so I’d advise him to not piss me off.  I think His d*ck should fall off. So all of you ladies who know this guy, WATCH OUT.

Don’t be a softy… I have female DIRTY ARMY soldiers who want to see hearts on small Gregs. Oh also gay soldiers who love nipple rings on dudes.- nik

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