Nas Uses Headphone Avoidance Tactic

Nas Uses Headphone Avoidance Tactic

Nas was recently spotted departing at LAX Airport in Los Angeles, California when the paparazzi approached him.

When they tried talking to him- including asking his thoughts on Nicki Minaj recently paying tuition for some fans on Twitter- he ignored them.

It’s interesting to note, though, that Nas had headphones in his ears, and his lips are moving, so it looks like he may have been on a phone call.

Even if he wasn’t, it could be an avoidance tactic to not engage with the press, and it’s certainly more of a logical one than the one DJ Khaled has been using.

Regardless of not answering the questions/engaging with the paparazzi, Nas did stop to sign an autograph. That, coupled with the fact that he has always been one of our favorite rappers gives him a pass on this.

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