Nastiest Mother/Daughter I’ve Ever Seen

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Nastiest Mother/Daughter I've Ever Seen

Nastiest Mother/Daughter I've Ever Seen

Nastiest Mother/Daughter I've Ever Seen

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this disgusting albino is Samantha B**, and the other woman in the photos is her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. You can find these two prowling any bar from Roseville to Sacramento, looking for some drunk fool to take them home and bang them out at the same time! The stuff they put up their noses is whiter than Samantha’s CATS ASS and her mother’s bleach blonde hair combined!! “Sam” dresses like a hillbilly from the 90’s, thinking her outfits and glittery eyelids are hot as f*ck but really she’s getting laughed at by everyone when she and her mother enter the bar!!! Its hilarious when they get f8cked up together, bumping and grinding on each other on the dance floor while Sam motorboats the f*ck out of her mother while the mom is grabbing on her daughter’s saggy t*ts and nonexistent ass!! I know you like blondes Nik and this seems to be a two-for-one, so WOULD YOU?? DA STRONG B*TCHES!

DA need some intel, I don’t believe its a mother daughter combo…if so the moms paying to be her daughters friend and using it as a way to fulfill he slooty coug needs.- nik

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