Nasty Bitch

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THE DIRTY ARMY: ok nik this dirty bitch is tiffany. she is nasty as fck and dont deserve anything she has. her man is so sick of her he cheats on her left and right and the dumb bitch stays with him! i think he has done fcked most the bitches on the westside of cleveland! she is so pathetic she just knows that no nigs gone want her dirty ass because she has 2 kids and they dont have the same dad. the first kids dad cheated on her 2 and beat on her ive seen that personally and the dumb bitch stayed with him to until he started poppin out kids wit some other dirty bitch haha. she is fcking stupid she claims her man “robert aka bert” loves her and loves her kids BITCH he is fcking every other bitch he meets! you fuking stupid hoe! u r dirty as fck for staying with his nasty aSS u probably got more drd’s then u do toes! bitch go get ur stretched out pssy checked b4 u end up wit aids b-cuz ur man is sick of ur blown out pssy! O and by the way u no amanda right? remember her yeah he was up in that to haha! u pathetic ass bitch go get a make over u ugly as fck. aint no man ever gonna b wit ur nasty ass well atleast they wont b faithful lmfbo!

That’s a lot of grease, she definitely stains pillows.- nik

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