Nasty Dawn Billingsley

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this skank right here is Dawn Billingsley from Trail, BC (the kootenays) she is a straight up whore, she lies about her age she JUST turned 17 (sept 6th 2012) she lies about everything. She thinks shes hot because shes skinny but im sorry but your a double bagger one bag for your head and one for whoever would be willing to sleep with you just in case theirs fell off lmafo. She wears bras bigger then what she needs in hopes that it will make her look like she has bigger boobs. Speaking of her tits, they are fucking gross i didnt know until i saw hers that someone with small tits could be SOO saggy, they look like a moneys tits. Even tho she has a boyfriend (so she says) she was willing to send naked pics of herself to a 27 year old MARRIED father of 3, she even pretended to be friends with his wife. Then when she got busted sending pics she was like “oh im so sorry i was drunk” blah blah blah but was she drunk the next day when she told the married man not to let his wife know or her boyfriend cory know that she was sending pictures? lol and was she drunk the next day when she said she would send the married man MORE pics in a few days IF he liked the ones she had already sent talk about SLUT!! I swear there has got to be something in the water in the kootenays they just breed whores out there. The motto of the kottenay girls is they are either “parting or making babies” sadly most pop out babies then go right back to parting. so its about time these losers get put on blast.

Poor people, poor habits.  That includes hygiene.- nik

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