Nasty Dead Beat Wannabe Master

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Nasty Dead Beat Wanna-Be Master

Nasty Dead Beat Wanna-Be Master

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Roy. He lives in Holiday and trolls the lower Pasco/Upper Pinellas areas for young women. He has aspirations of being a Dom with multiple household and sexual “slaves”. He has never been a “Dom” of anything, just has major control issues and wants to torture women and smack them around. The BDSM community in the state he left wouldn’t even have anything to do with him cuz he is just a weirdo freak.
He is a “disabled vet” who was in a green zone hospital the whole time, claims to have graduated from UNC-P when he failed out the first semester on pre-reqs and left his family for the Dom world after 21 years and refuses to provide support while he collects over $4000 a month in disability. His son is on welfare in another state while he plays on the beach, visits “Club Phoenix” and takes multiple vacations a year. This guy trolls FB commenting on underage girl pics of his friends and family, has for years, and everyone seems to think he is this wonderful guy!
You can find him on CollarMe as MrRoy2 and on FetLife as DitchDoctorDom. BTW: He refuses to take the little blue pill his doc gave him so his D won’t work and he has to show his masculinity through hurting women. I should know; he found me when I was just 13.

The only thing a guy like this can master is karate.- nik

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