THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this kid right here goes by the name of Ethan, he’s 20 years old. Ethan doesn’t have a car, job, or money. He’ll use you for anything he can. He steals little things out of your house and off of you and later pawns them for money. Ethan has an expired military ID that shows he’s one year older than what he actually is and uses it to buy alcohol. He’s a cheater and a liar, Ethan won’t admit to it until you find out for yourself. Go through his phone if you really want to know because he’s not smart enough to delete any evidence. He’ll ask you to be his girlfriend and not treat you like one. Ethan likes to think of himself as a “player” and has multiple girls on the side. That’s why he won’t show you to his friends or family and or prove in anyway the relationship he’s in. His own friends talk crap about him, the only reason they keep Ethan around is because he’s the “hommie” that steals, lies, and buys them alcohol with his expired fake military ID.

Ebay power seller..- nik