Nasty Gym Rat Slore

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Nasty Whore Gym Rat

Nasty Whore Gym Rat

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this nasty gym rat wanna be frat boy likes to strut around the Rec center like hes some kind of bad*ss. He thinks girls are staring at him, but in reality they just feel violated and disgusted being in his presence and laugh at him when he tries to bench. He takes roids in an attempt to bulk up but all it does is make him emotional and shrink up if you know what i mean. His fake ass macho man act doesn’t make up for his failures in the bedroom. Boy is a 2 pump chump. He pretends to be so proud of his so called mexican heritage but by the looks of him hes just been eating too many burritos. His mexican sponsored taco truck doesn’t make the cut either. To make himself feel less pathetic he cheats and whores around with the easiest girls on campus, most recently getting cozy with the leftover lover pictured. I’ve never seen someone so hilariously over confident with literally nothing to boot. Fresno isn’t the hottest city, but this nasty, wannabe, awkward, burrito boy fool isn’t even on the negative scale around here. Pathetic.

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