Nasty Hood Rat

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THE DIRTY ARMY: heres the deal Nik, this is Kayla Hiltz of Dartmouth. She has got to be the nastiest b*tch that I’ve ever heard of. She got with her cousins ex,and told him “forever n a day” the DAY THAT she met him! then told a pregnant woman ” id knock the baby right out of u i swear to f*ck u pushed me to far” like what kind of sick f*ck does that. Like, cool say whatever you want but not about an unborn child. She acts like she is the toughest thing that there ever was but can’t step up when called out. One of those. She creeps online dating sites for young and nieve guys so that she can minipulate and lie to them like everyone else. She is the most unfaithhful b*tch I’ve ever known. Not to mention this b*tch can’t speak – at all! Nothing she says makes sence. But she has no job, so what more can you expect? She sits on Facebook all day acting like a child, instead of looking for a job. She lies about her age, sh*t! for all I know she is 30! The Halifax Area NEEDED to be warned!

Those eyebrows are something special.- nik

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