Nasty Loose Rave Chick

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Nasty loose rave girl

Nasty loose rave girl

Nasty loose rave girl

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Sammi she is a huge rave sloot i hear she will do anything to get e, anything at all. she loves greg and she also loves p*ssy she is straight up trash. she smells horrible and tries to cover it with dollar store brand perfume. she is so loose my friend, who slept with her, said he could probably get off faster with a water balloon. she tries to play little miss innocence but when that doesn’t work she makes these horrible stories up about herself. she is just straight up gross. oh yeah on top of all the e, raves, party’s, sex, she also doesn’t have a job and has a kid and sucks off her ex bf to live rent free.

Sammi keep those rabbit teeth hidden please, we already have to look at your chubby face.- nik

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