THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik The who is Nicole Murphy aka Rylan (stripper name at Casa Diablo). This stank is foul. Got here number couple years or so ago and we hooked up. She looked down and trashy (so I tapped it). She was a head case. Now Nic, I’m down for pullin hair, smackin booty but this broad wanted me to straight abuse her. The funny thing is she was a dead lay aside from that. I think she has major daddy issues. Anyhow, point is…one evening I came over expecting some action and she was acting all strange. I walked in on her putting something in her mouth and shove the bottle back in her drawer. I asked what it was and she said “migraine pills”. I had a funny feeling so I snuck a look and seen a prescription for her made out for freakin drd medicine. Thank the man upstairs I always wore a rubber. The story gets better…my boy was braggin bout this ho at Casa Diablo who would ride his fingers, jerk him off etc for like $40 and even did a dildo show in the back for him….He insisted I come see her…low and behold when I took him up on the offer…there was miss  whore herself, grindin old man pee pee for a few bucks. I laughed and left. PS. Her dude/pimp is the DJ there I heard. I’d like to buy him a drink and some herpicin. Glad I dodged that bullet!

Close your mouth, that’s wildly inappropriate.- nik