Nasty Nikki


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Nasty Nikki

Nasty Nikki

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, don’t be fooled by the top picture thinking that this girl may be somewhat decent looking. The second picture is the tell all truth of this dirty sloot. Meet Nasty Nikki, as she has gone by on the internet. She doesn’t brush her teeth, she showers once every few weeks, and her hair is usual a rats nest of man juice, sweat, and cig smoke. She uses the morning after pill like it’s part of her every day regiment for getting ready. She will let anything with blood flow between her legs. She claims to be a “bad*ss” because she USED to go to a lame Dallas Rave club, and roll. Reality check, she was passed around like a human binki to all the nasty raver boys there. Nik, put this gruesome sk*nk on blast. You’re nasty Nikki, no one wants to deal with you sh*t anymore. And for Christ’s sakes, take a shower.

I don’t even know if a shower would help her at this point.- nik

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