Nasty Pedo’s

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Nasty Pedo's

Nasty Pedo's

Nasty Pedo's

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these are the nastiest guys around Victoria. The one with the bald head is Jason, aka Scoob the RAT, who ratted my bro out and put him in jail. Took the stand and everything. The one with the cornrows is Marshall aka Feminem. They both think they are rappers but the only thing they’ll be wrapping is presents for all the little kids they have sex with. Seriously Nik these guys sleep with the youngest girls in the world. They are disgusting. I heard they once had a 3 some with a 13 year old girl. I heard that because Scoob was bragging about it. Scoob was telling me that Marshall got another 13 year old girl PREGNANT. They are both 30 something. Jason has been to a MENTAL facility and lived there for around a year. And Marshall lives off one of his MANY baby mama’s. But Nik I am not joking these guys sleep with little girls. Nasty!!!!

The sad thing is I totally believe it.- nik

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