Nasty Slore Reghan

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is reghan wagner lets start by saying this bitch sucked my dick for some drugs and it was the worst head I ever got, major snaggletooth. Banging her is like putting a pencil in a hallway. Shes a super loose fuking hippo. Probably from having the kid she gives no shits about and would rather be partying with some losers at a “rave” whatever the hell that is. I only slept with her cause she was easy and begging for x, definitely regret that. She fcks everyone who is in a relationship even when she has her own f’ed up relationship she cant handle. Shes the dirtiest thing to come out of st Louis area. When shes not hopping cars or robbing houses shes fcked up on any drug she can get, shes a pathetic excuse of a mother. dont let the innocent enough pictures fool you, shes just a trifling skany bitch who doesn’t shower. ask anyone who knows her, theyd say shes nothing but a drug fein, a piece of shit mom and girlfriend, a theif, and has probably slept with every one of their boyfriends. no wonder she has no friends. this whore deserves nothing better than the karma she will get, by the way I got checked after fcking her, she has chl**ia….so if you know her let her know to get that shit taken care of.

Nothing good comes easy.- nik

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