Nasty Stripper Mom

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Nastiest B*tch I know

Nastiest B*tch I know

Nastiest B*tch I know

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Abby Jones, for whatever reason she likes to go by Ms\’Vuitton even though she owns maybe 3 Louis Vuitton things that she constantly photographs herself with. This b*tch needs a serious reality check. She strips at a hole in the wall club, always talking about how much money she makes yet she can\’t afford to keep her phone on and barely spends anytime with her little baby girl. She\’s always talking about \”f*ck family, make money\” when the b*tch really isn\’t making that much money. She thinks she\’s so hott always taking pictures of herself with her nasty stretch marks and saggy t*ts. She tried to fool everyone into thinking she went down south to model then ends up getting arrested down there for prostitution. This chick is a sad joke and quite frankly I feel bad for her child. When she actually spends time with her child she puts her in terrble situations like sets her in the truck of her car, or puts her baby on a bed and turns her back on her to take nasty pictures. She\’s a money hungry wh*re with no class. Please give this b*tch the reality check she needs.

Was anyone else hurt in the accident that mangled her face?- nik

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