Natalie “I don’t know the father” Cowan

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this B*TCH Natalie Rilley/Cowan, doesn’t know who the father of her baby is! Apparently it could be two different guys, but honestly who knows & shes married.. She told my friend that he could possibly be the father (PROOF IN PHOTOS) But you see he told the btch off and said he don’t want any part because he has a baby mom he is madly in love with. So she ended up going to her “ex husband” but now its her “husband again” and telling him he was the dad, and didn’t say shit about the possiblity that it was somebody elses kid. THIS BTCH NEEDS TO BE PUT ON BLAST LIKE ASAP! BECAUSE SHES A DIRTY A** SLUT WHORE! Oh and on a side note, EVERY SINGLE one of her pictures she makes the DUCK FACE + she has an ugly ass cock eye! BOO YOU WHORE!

Hopefully her ‘husband’ will see those texts and realize he’s just a wallet.- nik

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