Natasha’s Got That Thing

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THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik, I’ve currently got out of a three year relationship in which I was faithful to the fullest, nik. I still party quite a bit around Edmonton and decided to hit Whyte for a evening. Checked out the favourite spots and much to my dismay, didn’t meet anyone I was too interested in. Well, I figured I settle on Natasha Gat….With her over applied makeup and stumble in her stride… she literally gave a handjob to one of my pals the weekend before on the dancefloor of the rack…. shoulda been a dead give away. Either way, I brought her home (bad move)…… by the time I got there, my whole truck had the strangest odour in it, in fact I’ve had it detailed several times since, and the smell is still lingering. It reminded me of the stench of nasty anal sex. Pretty fcking gross. Not too sure if she caught the drift when I asked her to shower, most likely not (she seemed a little slow). Either way, I found myself spending the next couple days with her….. another bad move…. she finally left, I guess its kind of hard to “have to go to work” with no job, who knows. Anyways, since then I got a drd check, (which I’m not too familiar with having a faithful girl for years)….. and low and behold….. Not only did I contract the gift that keeps giving from her, also with a side of gonorrhea….She dwells around places like The Billiards Room, The Pint, Hudson’s….. Hoping you could put “this thing” on blast and help out my fellow men stuck in Edmonton who’ve contracted diseases from her…. cheers man. oh ya, and Natasha, you left three dollars here…. Do you need it back?

Ya you shoulda seen that coming, make sure you hit up your friend sounds like he’s in worse shape then you.- nik

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