Nate Smith Is Kennesaw’s Douche

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THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Nate Smith, I speak for everyone when I say I can\’t believe this douche isn\’t on here yet. He\’s Kennesaw\’s #1 douche. He\’s your typical roided out freak doing blow any chance he gets. He\’s got daddy issues so he tries clinging on to any girl he can get just for the attention. Once they figure him out for who he is they dumb him and he turns pyscho. The only girls that have stayed with him for more than a couple weeks are psycho as well and most likely a stripper that just needing a place to crash. Rumor has it that he shares his girlfriends with his daddy too, he even made a status about it on facebook! yuck. He has burned every bridge he has ever made with any friends of his. He was born into money so he feels entitled to be as be of an ass as he feels like being. He thinks he\’s hot shit but he honestly looks like a rat on steroids. He starts fights and is constantly being thrown out of the bars and clubs to goes to. I think it\’s about time that he\’s put up here. He needs to learn that being a douche has consequences. He thinks he pisses glitter but none of his so called friends actually like him. Hopefully now he\’ll get the hint.

Doesn’t look like he is on steroids, but it definitely sounds like it.- nik

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