Nathalie St Jean: The Thief of Elliot Lake

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nathalie St Jean: The biggest skank whore of Elliot Lake Ontario! Known for shoplifting and now lives in the only city in Ontario that has no mall. Nathalie was known for getting gifts for her kids, and showing her son, Jayden that Mommy got her a gift. Ohh yeah, Mommy got a gift for free and hid it in her belly. Nobody dares arrest her and nobody wats to approach her. She often rats out small petty weed dealers and intends to snitch on some major Motorcycle gangs. Guys have to watch out for Nathalie: she does sleep with anyone who has money, or has drugs. Also, keep your car keys to yourself too. She will drive it without permission and she will do it while high. A sad part about Nathalie, is she was supposed to go to drug rehab. Instead, she goes, whores around for crack and cocaine, while she leaves her kids in the vehicle. Her oldest teenage daughter, who’s been knocked up by some old guy in his 40’s, is making Nathalie, a grand-ma at the young age of 35. So beware people: she will try to rat out people, using Crime Stoppers. Even if you don’t have a criminal record, her, and Tonya (some AIDS-riddled black bimbo bitch), who used to hang around with Dan Frayne, will try to make your lives miserable. People, if you know Nathalie, do yourself a favour and move to another province/country. OR change your plates or whatever! The cops will be on your ass, because she makes a killing of money by making false reports and shoplifting, and also selling her used body.

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