NBA Player Andray Blatche Sure Did Mess Up With This One

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, NBA Player Andray Blatche for the Wizards slipped up and got a groupie pregnant a Miami wanna be Video H*e named Angel is preggers right now with his baby.  They never had a relationship they were just messing around…. she had a a ghetto fab baby shower. (pic of her in wicker chair and tiara crown).  Angel is a wanna be video ho in miami… she is a known groupie on MIA club scene… she finally landed her a monthly check from a baller who has a 30 million dollar contract…. she goes around telling everybody who will listen badmouthing him and how she is gonna get famous and get on basketball wives.  They never had a relationship just slept together… but here is what made it worst… Angel made a fake twitter account @espnbitch and was harassing andray from calling him names.. basically harassing him …..IP address was tracked from the page and it was her the whole time harassing him online. His close friends said she did it for revenge …… its very bad situation for him.. he usually is with pretty kinda classy girls but he slipped up BIG TIme… the girl angel is really ghetto…. she is looking for a free ride … she talks about p*ssy and all types of craziness..and this is going to be someone mother …horrible…. she has a child already by someone else.  He needs to hit up dwight howard and find out how dwight shut up royce.. cause coming from sources close to angel is plotting bigtime to get andray back for payback cause he doesn’t want her.  He will finacially support but its embrassing for him.  She always tweets about getting revenge and then erases it ….. I feel bad for the guy ..he is def gonna get clowned for slipping up and getting this one pregnant..when will bball players learn to leave video chicks alone!

It sucks for Andray Blatche… he is stuck with this monster for 18 years.- nik

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