Danny Granger Is Cheating on his wife Dionna

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Danny Granger is for all you girls who didnt know is MARRIED!!!!  He slept with my girl and then she found out he had been married to Dionna.. Im really not suprised.. I mean he is an athlete so what do you expect, but girls don’t mess with him because he is married and you should know!! And so should his wife.. What a dirty man and his Greg is small!!!! FYI

This fan picture looks a little too close for comfort… also, there is no such thing as the title “NBA player”. The smart basketball players married into the Kardashian’s to achieve financial security. So I suggest all you “NBA players” sitting on couches looking for a job start friend requesting Kendall Jenner. Getting married at the age of 18 will be good TV (Let the tallest basketball player win).- nik