Neil Gorsuch Confirmed By Senate To Supreme Court

Neil Gorsuch Confirmed By Senate To Supreme Court

While there has been a lot of dissension with people President Donald Trump has tried to appoint, many of the times he has been victorious with getting who he wants in for the job. Thus was the case this morning, when Neil Gorsuch was confirmed by the Senate to be a Supreme Court Justice.

Gorsuch will be replacing Antonin Scalia, who died last year. 

Gorusch, who received the support of 54 senators (with 45 voting agaisnt him), is expected to err on the conservative side.

This was a historic nomination, mostly due to the fact that the Democrats put forth an unsuccessful filibuster against Gorsuch, which would prevented him from getting the 60 necessary votes to go forward to a final vote. The reason the filibuster was unsuccessful was due to the Republicans responding by deciding to make this a majority vote instead. Due to this, Gorsuch was confirmed.

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