THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I guess when white men won’t give you the time of the day you have to resort to using words such as “Nigg*” this “Nigg*” that. Does this girl understand how stupid she sounds as a white 20 year old saying the word “Nigg*” in every statement she makes. She follows at least 1,000 black females that take 50 selfies a day and take short clips of themselves licking their lips and squinting their eyes in the camera in attempt to look sexy. Arnela, look up the term BASIC BITCH and you will find your picture. You claim you’re so educated and you work so hard yet you HAVE NO JOB ???? I guess Tom Tom has no problem flying your stinky ass out to Miami every other weekend as long as he can get what he wants from you. Nik do you feel it’s appropriate for white people to throw this word??

Nobody should say that word, even black people.- nik