NETFLIX ‘Making a Murderer’ star Brendan Dassey – Prosecutors Demand Court Order Releasing Him From Prison Be Overturned

NETFLIX ‘Making a Murderer’ star Brendan Dassey – Prosecutors Demand Court Order Releasing Him From Prison Be Overturned

Nik, the ‘Making a Murderer’ star Brendan Dassey was not manipulated into confessing to murdering Teresa Halbach due to him playing a role in her death… so say prosecutors… who have headed back to court demanding the appeal court not buy into his spin about the interrogation by police that lead to his conviction… with the prosecutors demanding the court order releasing Dassey from jail be overturned and he not be freed from prison.

Last month, a Wisconsin judge ordered Dassey to be released from prison and rejected prosecutors last ditch efforts to keep him behind bars. The judge had previously ruled that cops in the case wrongfully obtained a confession from then 16-year-old Dassey without any parents being present. He noted that the minor’s constitutional rights had been violated at the time of the interrogation. Dassey has been locked up since 2006 for the murder of Teresa Halbach, who was convicted along with his uncle, Steven Avery.

Prosecutors filed a motion demanding Dassey not be released until they could appeal the decision to overturn his conviction… which the lower court judge shut down. However, they were able to convince a federal appeals court to overturn the decision to set him free. The court decided Dassey will stay put until a decision has been made on the appeal of the original case.

Then earlier this month, the lawyers representing Dassey headed to the appeals court in their latest attempt to have their client freed from prison:

“His I.Q. of 74 fell in the borderline to below-average range, and his learning disabilities interfered with his ability to understand abstractions and idioms and rendered him more suggestible than 95% of the population”.

Dassey is pleading for the court to affirm the previous decision to throw out his conviction and dismiss the prosecutors appeal immediately. Then on December 22nd, prosecutors headed to the Appeal court and fired back at Dassey’s attempt to be let out of prison:

“Brendan Dassey spent four long months guilt-ridden over his participation in Teresa Halbach’s brutal rape and murder. He lost “about 40 pounds” and “would just stare into space and start crying … uncontrollably.” But he could not hold it all in. Two months after his crimes, Dassey revealed to his cousin that he had seen Halbach “pinned up in the bedroom” and had seen “body parts in a fire behind Avery’s garage”.

Prosecutors explain, “Overcome by guilt, Dassey eventually admitted everything to the police on March 1, in an entirely voluntary confession. The investigators began that interview assuming Dassey was simply “a witness to something horrific,” but it quickly became apparent that he was far more.”

They argue that by the end of the interview with Dassey, he provided pieces that wove a rich and detailed account of the murder… pointing out he described details down to the colors he saw including the colors of clothing worn by the victim and Avery, the sounds he heard, the general timing of various events of the night and his motivations for killing… which he claimed he wanted to know how sex felt.

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