New Orleans Bottle Rat

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Horse Face

Horse Face

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Roxy, shes just another club rat in New Orleans. She goes out every weekend, almost every night. She never use to be like this until her and her ex Mauricio broke up recently. Of course the usual she loved him oh so much like everyone else she dated lol but I don’t understand how you can love someone so much but have sex with two other guys while dating him, I think that’s called cheating! oops! I dont think he knew that! HA. Roxy is 23 about to be 24 and works at Hooters, wtf are you doing with your life? roxy’s a gold digger to the max so im guessing since she doesnt have anyone to buy her anything she started working at hooters to get some attention. I don’t understand how someone is so into “God” but yet is one of the biggest sl*ts around New Orleans?

Can we see better pictures of her +2’s because that is all we care about.- nik

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