Nick Cannon Will Not Date Mariah Carey Again

Nick Cannon Will Not Date Mariah Carey Again

If Mariah Carey ever had hopes of dating ex-husband Nick Cannon again, may we suggest she take her own advice and “shake it off” much ado to some comments Cannon recently made.

When the paparazzi caught Cannon outside of Catch Restaurant in West Hollywood, California, they asked him if he would ever consider dating Carey again… and he quickly said “No.”

He did elaborate a bit, though, explaining that, “We’ve all been married before. You kind of skip the dating.” 

While there are some reports claiming the couple are back together… it doesn’t quite sound like that’s the case. Of course Cannon could also be trying to deflect, so we guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Until then, cue the Mariah Carey breakup anthems.

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