Nickolas and Michelle Claypoole, Swinging for Jesus

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik your not even going to believe this shit. This sick fucking pervert works with me at a window company in cranberry called traco. We both work security. This weirdo fck left his phone on the table of the office one night when he was ushering in a trailer. We all looked at his phone and he had some sick ass shit on it. I mean damn. he is married to Michelle Claypoole so we all thought he was straight. WRONG He has TONS of craigslist adds in the male for male section. They read that he wanted a man to fck his baby ass while he sucks cock and gets his face pissed on. That he loves it when someone takes a shit and he watches them. What is that?
He sells his wife’s panties on eBay. But this is the kicker. He preaches Jesus at work 24/7. Brags about going to church and wants to become a youth minister or youth adviser. Nic Is a mess. Him and Michelle drink all the time. I mean they live in the local dive bars when they are not at work. We took the pics off of his phone and they are pics of him and his buck tooth wife partying,yet get on his facebook and it is all about Jesus. This guy is a fcking clown Post this piece of shit. If anything is this someone we really want working with children at church. Unless our kids want to be watched while taking a shit I would think this is not the person we want trying to cram Jesus down our childrens throats.

That beer sign in the house isn’t very Christian-like.- nik

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