Nicole Jarvis Is A Total Sloot

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Nicole Jarvis is a Total Sloot

Nicole Jarvis is a Total Sloot

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Nicole Jarvis she’s from Kent, Washington and goes to central Washington university in Ellensburg. She has already been on this site back in September (Close Your Legs Nicole) but apparently she is back to her old ways. She is probably the biggest sloot in Kent and Ellensburg she has no standards at all and is constantly getting drunk at parties and bars and going home and fcking and sucking whatever guy she can find. I have seen the pictures of the guys shes hooked up with and wow, do you have any standards Nicole? These guys look like they’ve been hit in the head with a baseball bat, either their face is fcked up or they got jacked up teeth. Is it really that hard for you to find a good guy Nicole? And a good guy is not somebody who all you do all the time is go out drinking at bar or party then go back to his place and hookup! Or do you simply just care about having another cock in your pssy? If you look at her page from September you can see she had an abortion with her ex when she was like 20, but get this, she continued to fck him even after he got her pregnant and didn’t support her! And better yet I know for a fact her ex had an DRD at one time they were hooking up, I am not saying she got it too, but come on! How low of self esteem do you have to have to continue fcking a guy who got you pregnant and didn’t help with the abortion and possibly gave you an drd?? She constantly runs around hooking up with guys and just blows it off as another drunken night of sex, wow real classy! Supposedly she came from a pretty good family, but all I know is her sister Michelle is on here (Perc Slore) for being a pill popping thief and Nicole is on here for being a huge slut and having an abortion. What the hell happened in your life that made you go off the deep end? I think the picture submitted with her loving dick just shows you how big of a sloot this chick is. O and P.S. supposedly there is some topless pictures of her floating around, if I find them ill post them on here!

If a guys forcing you to get multiple abortions he doesn’t want to be with you.- nik

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