Nicole Kidman Looks Happier Without Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman Looks Happier Without Tom Cruise

Actress Nicole Kidman appeared with her husband, Keith Urban, on the red carpet for her new film The Killing of a Sacred Deer in Cannes.

While on the red carpet, Kidman talked about her husband and children, and one thing is clear- she’s much happier without Tom Cruise, who she divorced in 2001.

“I have such a supportive husband and I’m lucky my children are here with me and we’re having some- we’re making it fun, you know, so there’s some joy involved,” Kidman detailed. “And also you know just very lucky to have the opportunity to wear some beautiful gowns.”

“I just do my work and I love what I do and I do my best and I try every time,” she added.

Nicole, you look beautiful, happy, and healthy. Clearly, a life without a whacky Scientologist as your spouse looks good on you.

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