Nicole Kidman Stays Humble Amidst Success

Nicole Kidman Stays Humble Amidst Success

Actress Nicole Kidman appeared at the tenth annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic and was interviewed about the event, and she also took time to talk about an award she won at Cannes.

“Well I love horses and I used to ride polo,” she said of the event, “so it’s beautiful to be here. And it’s ten years… the anniversary. And I’ve never been… “

“In the summer, champagne, horses, fun. Summer fun, right?” she added.

She also talked about an award she received in Cannes, saying it will be the highlight of her year- “many years.”

It’s clear from Kidman’s interview- and demeanor- she remains humble, even amidst all her success. In a world of Hollywood braggarts, we appreciate seeing someone like her. Nice work, Nicole.

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