Nieve 30 Year Old

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30 year old miserable nieve girl

30 year old miserable nieve girl

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is heather wiard. She’s 30 and lives in veneta Oregon. This girl is soooo stupid and obviously hates herself. She has a bf who has physically abused his exes along with abusing her in every way. She recently had a baby boy with this Guy. She knows he cheats on her and lies to her constantly. She supports her boyfriend financially in all categories. Shes at home every night crying alone with her son bc her man is out getting with other girls. Along “with the fact that shes obsessed with her mans ex girlfriend. But I would be too look at her. She has a huge nose and Dumbo ears along with a double chin and manly features. This girl is a lonely pathetic stupid wanna be ugly bitch.

Which one of those flaps is her chin?- nik

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