Nik Richie Will Meet His Maker

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Richie has a dark terrorist heart. What gives you the right to judge women? Inner beauty means so much more than outer body. True sex comes from within as our souls connect spiritually. Your form of devil worship is why society is so jaded. Millions of people hang on your satanism. I’ve thought about this at length and you have no hope Hooman. You will die a demon spawn as one of hell’s leaders. There is no coming back from the hate in your blood. Not even God can save you now. I hope you are ready to be tied up and raped in the afterlife. How dare you victimize the fine people of New Orleans. Drew is a man of God and a true Saint. His mission is savior. While your mission is sexual perfection of outer skin and sexual demonship. I bet the only reason you tip a female a lot of money is because you want to f*ck them analily. Drew tips on work ethic like a true missionary. The only chance at saving yourself is to shut down your website immediately or apologize to Drew Brees and his family. You are the scum devil of the new world order.

The hate mail and death threats I’m getting from New Orleans Saints fans is insane.- nik

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