Nikita Berger

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this asshole likes to tell people in his long obnoxious rants that he’s all about energy and mellow emotions. he plays victim and says that his heart has been broken by his ex girlfriends when really he was just a prick. he has no common sense and likes to use average words in sentences where they dont belong to try and sound smart. he makes fun of his land lord for having a man crush on him and calls him a f*g when in reality he fucks and sucks him. lives in a total fantasy world and has been telling people he’s 25 for 6 years. he has all kinds of drds that you cant get rid of and he tries to have sex with anything male or female that he encounters. then he blames his slut bag tendencies on being an incubus! as if being an asshole wasnt enough, hes a bit off his rocker. so full of himself for no reason. also claims hes muscular and built but hes actually a scronny little rat. this guy does not actually live up to anything he says he is and he doesnt stand for shit. hes a lame bum and i feel really bad for his land lord that lets him stay there rent free not knowing the trash he talks about him ..SNAKEEE!!!!!

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