Nikki Moore

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Nikki Moore The STD infested WHORE

Nikki Moore The STD infested WHORE

Nikki Moore The STD infested WHORE

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This girl NIKKI MOORE is the biggest slut in Ontario. She’s a single mother of a 2 year old kid who is by far the farthest thing from cute. She had a baby by some ugly crispy Jamaican guy fresh off the boat! Gross… She’s so desperate to be ghetto and totally disowns her white side considering her mother is blonde! She looks like a 13 year old girl and strips and escorts for a living. She also gets pimped and gives all her money to him, meanwhile her kid gets dumped off to anyone, wearing the same dirty clothes all the time. She lives off welfare and is probably going to end up being a 40 year old timer in the escort agencies and the strip clubs. She’ll never have a secure future without spreading her legs because she dropped out of grade 8 and spells like a 3rd grader. TAKE CARE OF YOUR KID SKANK! Stop trailing around Toronto and Mississauga spreading diseases. I even seen her naked and for a girl with the face of a 12 year old her pussy looks ancient. It’s saggy and loose like a Wizard’s sleeve. MEN of ONTARIO watch out for this one she’s not a keeper FAR from wifey material and if you wanna one night her make sure you double wrap your condom and lube her bag-gina with hand sanitizer!

Wh y is she so convinced that those leather tops hide her gut.- nik

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