Nina Dobrev Setting New Style Trend

Nina Dobrev Setting New Style Trend

Nina Dobrev recently was spotted on the red carpet at the NRDC STAND UP! For the Planet event in Los Angeles, California… and it looks like she’s trying to start a new style trend.

Dobrev worked what looked to be a blazer/pantsuit jacket on top, with nothing underneath. We’re definitely not opposed to the look, and she’s pulling it off.

That being said, her hair looks like she jumped out of the shower and didn’t completely get to finish styling it before she got to the red carpet. Personally, we prefer Dobrev with her longer hair, as we feel it just fits her more. The short hair isn’t bad, but it came off a bit messy on this red carpet.

It does seem like it was a windy night, which may have had something to do with her hair being slightly off, though it certainly wasn’t as bad as that wind tunnel certain celebs caught themselves in.

Overall, we approve of Dobrev’s look… and our approval is the gospel.

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