No Condom? No Problem!

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No condom? No problem!

No condom? No problem!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m actually surprised this nasty h*e hasn’t been posted yet. This is Ashley Newman, bottom of the barrel dirt! This girl is the biggest drunk ever. She’s an absolute nut case when she drinks. She loves to run around naked at random peoples houses and sleeps with whoever condom or no condom. She’s the biggest home wrecker also, always goes for guys with gir;friends even though she has a boyfriend. She’s cheated on kyle multiple times with multiple dirty guys. No one ever wants to date her because they know how passed around she is. I can honestly say she’s slept with pretty much EVERY guy in Vancouver and Winnipeg. Just ask her how many guys she’s slept with she’ll gladly tell you 150+. Guys who have slept with her have said her sh*t is saggy and extremely loose. Besides being one of the biggest sloots I’ve ever met she’s also the most obnoxious and annoying. Biggest airhead ever. No wonder no one likes you or takes you seriously! Stop spreading for anyone who gives you pepsi and get a life Ashley.

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