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THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Johnny So*porno, he calls himself the “Worthy Playboy” and is probably the weirdest f*cking person on the face of the Earth. I honestly think he should be a dirty celebrity. He wears devil horns on his head and runs around claiming that they are screwed in. He is absolutely ridiculous. People actually pay $3,000 for his seduction courses and he firmly believes that there is no such thing as monogamy. He has a theory that men should be able to sleep with as many women as they like while in relationships and says that the reason kids have ADD is because their mom cheated on their father, what the f*ck kind of theory is that? In his classes he says that two good ways of getting women to sleep with you are to stare at them while sending positive thoughts as well as going up to them and grabbing their a$$ and tit$ with confidence. Um, that’s creepy as fu*k and a great way to get the living $hit beat out of you or maced in the face. This guy is a motherf*cking joke. Put this fat f*ck on blast.

His love tactics seem to be working with shims, and I guess that explains my ADD.- nik

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