Not So Fewosis Panda

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Curtis Ray Upchurch. Also known as “Fewosis Panda”. This guy is the most irresponsible son of a b*tch you will ever meet. Even though he was on probation already in California for having sex with a minor, that didn’t stop him. Not only does he still continue to hit minor girls up, he was going to court and facing charges for vandalism, THEN steals a car and books it to Texas. He just got released from jail this past December. He and his now ex-fiance just moved here from Texas with my friends. When I met him all he could talk about was how he was from San Jose, California and how he plays bass guitar and drums (his ex told us he was lying and that he doesn’t know how to play any instruments). I noticed he constantly treated his lady like shit. Their son was recently kidnapped by her family and while she was frantically trying to figure out what to do, he was out messing around with another girl he met on the street. His lady ended up bashing his face in with her phone and made him bleed, and man did he deserve it! hahah. Now he comes crawling back, with forgiveness and says he wants to make it work and still get married. She was about to let it happen til she found out he got another girlfriend that same day. AFTER she finds out that she might be pregnant with his second child. Sadly she is moving back to California in a couple of weeks to make sure she doesn’t take him back since he will just cheat and abuse her again like he did when she was pregnant with their son. She was stuck taking care of their son for 15 months without his help. Now he f*cks her over again. Put this dude on blast. Dead beat fathers should never be allowed to walk and get away with it.

I think its safe to say anyone with over a ‘cm’ hole is their ear is not ferocious, only to LG’s.- nik

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